Jersey City COVID-19 Financial Relief Program Grant Application

The Jersey City COVID-19 Financial Relief Grant Program is designed to provide to Jersey City businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19.

The goals of the COVID‐19 Grant Program include:

  1. Help Jersey City small businesses survive the COVID‐19 crisis;
  2. Help retain employment of workers who are residents of Jersey City;
  3. Help Jersey City small businesses continue to provide goods and services for residents, businesses and communities of Jersey City, especially low‐ and moderate‐income areas;
  4. Help Jersey City small businesses avoid the risk of capital with predatory terms and conditions.

Currently, only for-profit businesses with a physical location in Jersey City that have been approved or wait-listed for NJEDA Small Business COVID-19 programs are eligible to apply for this program.

Non-Profit Organizations are not eligible to apply for these grant funds.

Click here to start the application process. Please attach proof of your NJEDA award or wait-list number.

Dear Applicant:
Please review these Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Application before proceeding:

Under Business Information, 
Please indicate which revenue category describes your business.  

Types of revenue include:  

      • Sales. 

      • Rent revenue. 

      • Dividend revenue. 

      • Interest revenue. 

Jersey City Business Tax Account Number:  
This number is your Federal Tax ID Number.  

Under Required Documents to Upload with Application,  

ACH Form 
ACH Form is for electronic funds transfer
Please provide the following:
Name and address of bank
Bank contact name, email and phone #
Routing #
Account #
Attach a copy of voided check.
If this information is not provided, a check will be mailed.

Certification for Performance and Fidelity to Grant Program Requirements - 
Please upload your approval or waitlist letter/email from NJEDA here. This must include your confirmation number from NJEDA.